Research Facilities

Facility NameType (Lab, Workshop, etc.)LocationCourses TaughtMajor ApparatusMax. Stud. CapacitySoftware in use
FPGA/Design Automation LabLab22-215COE 405, COE 464, COE 561, COE 571, COE 572, COE 586PCs & MPS150-PROBE STATION, Pattern Generator, National Instruments - Elvis (2 pcs), Compact Rio, PCI 6251 Data Acquisition H/W and GPIB System, General Purpose instrumentation bds, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, DMM, Function Generator, Workstations, routers, switch, Printer, and Scanner15Windows 7 & Linux
Robotics LabLab22-409Faculty Research and Teaching:  COE 501, COE 661, COE 502, COE 484, COE 584One Kepler K80 GPU Cluster, One MIC Xeon Phi cluster, Two GPU Workstations, and Embedded GPU systems.E15, Stargate 5Ubuntu and Red-hat, C/C++ OpenMP, CUDA, etc.
Stargate Embedded System, KHR-Humanoid Robots, PUMA 6 DOF Robot Arm. Master-slave telerobotic arms, Cameras, PCs., PDAs (10 pcs), Blade Server, Power Supply, PrinterWindows 7, CUDA compiler, OpenMP Directives + C/C++ Intel Compiler, Telerobotics Client-Server System, Library of motion primitives for Kondo KHR, A P2P Protocol for MAWLAN.
Mobile Computing LabLab22-408COE 446PCs, Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Bench Type Multimeters, Laptops (10 pcs.), etc., Project Workstation & PCs, 3 New lab Tables. PCB Machine.8Windows 7
Digital Logic LabLab22-340COE 203PCs, FPGA Boards, Digital Design Boards, Power supply, Digital analyzer, Oscilloscope, Printer18Windows 7 & Xilinx Software
Computer Networks Lab Lab22-347ACOE 344Dell Core I5, Cisco Gigabit Switch, Fast Ethernet Switches and Hubs, Routers, Tower Server, Oscilloscope, and Printer.20Windows 7
Senior Design Project LabLab22-416COE 485PCs, 8951 Based Micro Controller Board, Tini Micro Controller Board, Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Digital Design Boards, Rabbit Microcontroller Modules, 3D Plotter, 3D Printer, paper printer.24Windows, Assembler, Linker, Simulator, etc.
COE Graduate LabLab22-401-PCs, Printers, Scanner, etc.3Windows
RFID & Smart Card LabLab23-071COE 424PCs, Multos Smart Card Tools, and Reader. HP Z400 Workstation (1 piece), Spirit UHF RFID reader/UBI Sense Research Package, Mobile nordic UHF RFID readers & tags, Mjfare readers & tags, Lab Tables, Power Supply, Printer14Windows 7
Real-Time Distributed Systems Lab.Lab22-412COE 504Z800 Workstations, HP Core i3, Gigabit Switch, Fast Ethernet Switch, Dell T7500 Workstation (3 pieces), Robotics kits, Printer5Linux Fedora Core 3 and Windows 7
Embedded System Design LabLab22-347BCOE 300, COE 301, COE 306PCs, New Lab Tables, Power Supply, Oscilloscope, Digital Design Boards, Power supply, Printer20Windows 7
Sensor Wireless LabLab23-078COE 485, COE 499, COE 549, CSE 693PCs (3 pieces), Printer, Large LCD Monitor. HP Z210 Workstation (1 Piece), Oscilloscope, Auto Voltage Regulator, Power supply, Scanner.12Windows 7