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S. # Author/s COE Faculty Title Journal Name Month Year
1 BinSahaq, A., Sheltami, T., Mahmoud, A., & Nasser, N.  Sheltami, Tarek,Mahmoud, A Fast and efficient algorithm for delay-sensitive QoS provisioning in SDN networks Wireless Networks 08 2022
2 Abdeen, M. A., Yasar, A., Benaida, M., Sheltami, T., Zavantis, D., & ElHansali, Y.  Sheltami, Tarek  Evaluating the Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles’ Market Penetration on a Complex Urban Freeway during Autonomous Vehicles Transition Period Sustainability 08 2022
3 Abdeen MA, Ahmed MH, Seliem H, Sheltami TR, Alghamdi TM, El-Nainay M. A   Sheltami, Tarek A Novel Smart Ambulance System-Algorithm Design, Modelling, and Performance Analysis IEEE Access 04 2022
4 Abdeen MA, Beg A, Mostafa SM, AbdulGhaffar A, Sheltami TR, Yasar A. Sheltami, Tarek Performance Evaluation of VANET Routing Protocols in Madinah City Electronics 03 2022
5 Nemer IA, Sheltami TR, Belhaiza S, Mahmoud AS.  Sheltami, Tarek, Mahmoud AS Energy-Efficient UAV Movement Control for Fair Communication Coverage: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach. Sensors 03 2022
6 A. Shawahna, S. M. Sait, A. El-Maleh and I. Ahmad,  Aiman Helmi ElMaleh, S. M. Sait FxP-QNet: A Post-Training Quantizer for the Design of Mixed Low-Precision DNNs With Dynamic Fixed-Point Representation IEEE Access 03 2022
7 Aliyu, F; Sheltami, T; Deriche, M; Nasser, N Sheltami, Tarek Human Immune-Based Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for Fog Computing JOURNAL OF NETWORK AND SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT 01 2022
8 Mahmoud Habboush, Aiman H. El-Maleh, Muhammad E.S. Elrabaa, Saleh AlSaleh, DE-ZFP Aiman Helmi ElMaleh, Muhammad E.S. Elrabaa, Saleh AlSaleh DE-ZFP: An FPGA implementation of a modified ZFP compression/decompression algorithm Microprocessors and Microsystems 01 2022
9 Felemban, Emad, Faizan Ur Rehman, Akhlaq Ahmad, and Muhamad Felemban Mohammad Felemban A Modelling and Scheduling Tool for Crowd Movement in Complex Network INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION AND SOFT COMPUTING  10 2021
10 Daghistani, Anas, Musab Khayat, Muhamad Felemban, Walid Aref and Arif Ghafoor Mohammad Felemban Guard: Attack-Resilient Adaptive Load Balancing in Distributed Streaming Systems IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing 10 2021
11 Ahmed, G; Sheltami, T; Deriche, M; Yasar, A Sheltami, Tarek An energy-efficient IoD static and dynamic collision avoidance approach based on gradient optimization AD HOC NETWORKS 07 2021
12 Aliyu, F; Sheltami, T; Mahmoud, A; Al-Awami, L; Yasar, A Sheltami, Tarek, Mahmoud, A; Al-Awami, L Detecting Man-in-the-Middle Attack in Fog Computing for Social Media CMC-COMPUTERS MATERIALS & CONTINUA 06  
13 Abdeen, MAR; Sheltami, TR; Nemer, IA  
Sheltami, Tarek R.
An approximate analytical formula for estimating the weight of factors affecting the spread of COVID-19: a case study of the first wave REVISTA DO INSTITUTO DE MEDICINA TROPICAL DE SAO PAULO  
14 Abdeen, MAR; Nemer, IA; Sheltami, TR Sheltami, Tarek R. A Balanced Algorithm for In-City Parking Allocation: A Case Study of Al Madinah City SENSORS 05 2021
15 BinSahaq, A; Sheltami, T; Mahmoud, A; Nasser, N Sheltami, Tarek,Mahmoud, A Bootstrapped LARAC algorithm for fast delay-sensitive QoS provisioning in SDN networks INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS 05 2021
16 Mahyoub, M; Mahmoud, ASH; Abu-Amara, M; Sheltami, TR Sheltami, Tarek R. Mahmoud, ASH; Abu-Amara An Efficient RPL-Based Mechanism for Node-to-Node Communications in IoT IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL 05 2021
17 Nemer, IA; Sheltami, TR; Yasar, AU Sheltami, Tarek R. A Survivable Communication Game-based Approach for a network of cooperative UAVs COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS 05 2021
18 Ghashmi H. Bin Talib, Aiman ElMaleh Aiman Helmi ElMaleh Hybrid and DMR-based Fault-Tolerant Carry Look-Ahead Adder Design The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 05 2021
19  Aiman H. El-Maleh, Ghashmi H. Bin Talib Aiman Helmi ElMaleh Time Redundancy and Gate Sizing Soft Error Tolerant Based Adder Design Integration of the VLSI Journal 05 2021
20 Sani Umar and Muhamad Felemban Mohammad  Felemban Rule-Based Detection of False Data Injections Attacks against Optimal Power Flow in Power Systems sensors 04 2021
21 Ahmed, GA; Sheltami, TR; Mahmoud, AS; Imran, M; Shoaib, M Sheltami, Tarek R. Mahmoud, AS A Novel Collaborative IoD-Assisted VANET Approach for Coverage Area Maximization IEEE ACCESS 04 2021
22 Aiman El-Maleh, Saleh AlSaleh, Muhammad E. S. Elrabaa Aiman Helmi ElMaleh, Muhammad E. S. Elrabaa A Bit Addressable Register with Variable Write/Read Data widths The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 04 2021
23 Nemer, I; Sheltami, T; Ahmad, I; Yasar, AU; Abdeen, MAR Sheltami, Tarek RF-Based UAV Detection and Identification Using Hierarchical Learning Approach SENSORS 03 2021
24 Modu, F; Aliyu, F; Sheltami, T; Musa, M Sheltami, Tarek Energy-efficient multibiometric system for the Internet of Things using trust management IET BIOMETRICS 03 2021
25 Beg, Abdurrahman; Qureshi, Abdul Rahman; Sheltami, Tarek; Yasar, Ansar, Sheltami, Tarek UAV-enabled intelligent traffic policing and emergency response handling system for the smart city Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Vol. 25, issue:  1pp.  33-50 02  
26 BASEM ALMADANI1, ABDURRAHMAN BEG1, AND ASHRAF MAHMOUD1 Basem Almadani, Ashraf Mahmoud DSF: A distributed SDN control plane framework for the East/West interface IEEE Access 02 2021
27 BASEM ALMADANI, SAUD MOHAMMAD MOSTAFA Basem Almadani IIoT-based multimodal communication model for Agriculture and AgroIndustries IEEE Access 1 2021
28 F. Aliyu, T. Sheltami, A. Mahmoud, L. AlAwami and A. Yasar Louai AlAwami,  T. Sheltami, A. Mahmoud Detecting man-in-the-middle attack in fog computing for social media Computers, Materials & Continua 01 2021
29 Abdulghaffar, A; Mahmoud, A; AbuAmara, M; Sheltami, T Sheltami, Tarek,Mahmoud, A; AbuAmara, M Modeling and Evaluation of Software-Defined Networking Based 5G Core Network Architecture IEEE ACCESS 01 2021
30 Ahmad Almulhem Ahmad Almulhem Threat Modeling of a MultiUAV System TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART A-POLICY AND PRACTICE 12 2020
31 ME Haque, U Baroudi Uthman Baroudi Ambient self-powered cluster-based wireless sensor networks for industry 4.0 applications Soft Computing, 1-26 09 2020
32 U Baroudi, M Aldarwbi, M Younis Uthman Baroudi Energy-Aware Connectivity Restoration Mechanism for Cyber-Physical Systems of Networked Sensors and Robots IEEE Systems Journal 14 (3), 3093-3104 09 2020
33 Gamil Ahmed, Tarek R. Sheltami, Ashraf S. Mahmoud, Ansar Yasar Tarek R. Sheltami  IoDs Swarms Collision Avoidance via Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Accepted for publication in the Elsevier Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice. Transportation Research Part A 09 2020
34 Sadiq M. Sait; Ahmed, Syed Faraz; Rafiq, Muhammad Rahil Sadiq M. Sait Experimental study on broadband radiofrequency electromagnetic radiations near cellular base stations: a novel perspective of public health JOURNAL OF THERMAL ANALYSIS AND CALORIMETRY
07 2020
35 Karbalayghareh, Mehdi; Miramirkhani, Farshad; Eldeeb, Hossien B.; Sadiq M. Sait Sadiq M. Sait Channel Modelling and Performance Limits of Vehicular Visible Light Communication Systems IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY
07 2020
36 Lahouari Ghouti, Muhammad Imam Muhammad Imam Malware Classification Using Compact Image Features and Multiclass Support Vector Machines IET Information Security 07 2020
37 Siddiqi, Umair F.; Narmanlioglu, Omer; Uysal, Murat; and Sadiq M. Sait Sadiq M. Sait Joint bit and power loading for adaptive MIMO OFDM VLC systems TRANSACTIONS ON EMERGING TELECOMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES 07 2020
38 Siddiqi, Umair F.; Sadiq M. Sait; Uysal, Murat Sadiq M. Sait Deep Q-Learning Based Optimization of VLC Systems With Dynamic Time-Division Multiplexing IEEE ACCESS 07 2020
39 Ibrahim A. Nemer, Tarek R. Sheltami, Ashraf S. Mahmoud Tarek R. Sheltami A Game Theoretic Approach of Deployment of Multiple UAVs for Optimal Coverage Elsevier Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol. 140, pp.215-230 07 2020
40 Panagant, Natee; Pholdee, Nantiwat; Bureerat, Sujin; Sadiq M. Sait Sadiq M. Sait Seagull optimization algorithm for solving real-world design optimization problems MATERIALS TESTING 06 2020
41 Basem AL-Madani 1 , Siddig M. Elkhider 2, Sami El-Ferik 2, Basem Almadani DDS-Based Containment Control Of Multiple UAV Systems JOURNAL OF APPLIED SCIENCES 06 2020
42 Aiman El-Maleh Aiman El-Maleh A Probabilistic Tabu Search State Assignment Algorithm for Area and Power Optimization of Sequential Circuits The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 06 2020
43 MS Mahmoud, MM Hamdan, UA Baroudi Uthman Baroudi Secure control of cyber-physical systems subject to stochastic distributed DoS and deception attacks International Journal of Systems Science, 1-16 06 2020
44 Meng, Zeng; Li, Gang; Wang, Xuan; Sadiq M. Sait Sadiq M. Sait A Comparative Study of Metaheuristic Algorithms for Reliability-Based Design Optimization Problems ARCHIVES OF COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING 05 2020
45 Ozkaya, Huseyin; Yildiz, Mustafa; Yildiz, Ali Riza; Sadiq M. Sait Sadiq M. Sait The equilibrium optimization algorithm and the response surface-based metamodel for the optimal structural design of vehicle components MATERIALS TESTING 05 2020
46 U Baroudi, M Alshaboti, A Koubaa, S Trigui Uthman Baroudi Dynamic Multi-Objective Auction-Based (DYMO-Auction) Task Allocation Applied Sciences 10 (9), 3264 05 2020
47 Awadh Gaamel, Tarek Sheltami, Anas Al-Roubaiey, Elhadi Shakshuki Tarek R. Sheltami Broker-less middleware for WSAN performance evaluation Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems, Vol. 110, pp. 372-381 05 2020
48 Ibrahim Nemer, Tarek Sheltami, Elhadi Shakshuki, Abdulrahman Abu Elkhail, Mumin Adam Tarek R. Sheltami Performance Evaluation of Range-Free Localization Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks accepted for publication in Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. DOI: 10.1007/s00779-020-01370-x 05 2020
49 Mohammed Asiri, Tarek Sheltami, Louai Al-Awami, AnsarYasar Tarek R. Sheltami A Novel Approach for Efficient Management of Data Lifespan of IoT Devices IEEE IoT journal, Vol. 7, No. 5, pp. 4566-4574 05 2020
50 Essa Qasem Shahra, Tarek Rahil Sheltami, Elhadi M Shakshuki Tarek R. Sheltami A comparative study of range-free and range-based localization protocols for wireless sensor network: Using cooja simulator Sensor Technology: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, pp. 1522-1537 05 2020
51 M. Asiri, T. Sheltami, L. Al-Awami and A. Yasar Louai Al-Awami A Novel Approach for Efficient Management of Data Lifespan of IoT Devices IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol. 7, no. 5, pp. 4566-4574 doi: 10.1109/JIOT.2019.2955099 05 2020
52 Yildiz, Betul Sultan; Yildiz, Ali Riza; Albak, Emre Isa; Sadiq M. Sait Sadiq M. Sait Butterfly optimization algorithm for optimum shape design of automobile suspension components MATERIALS TESTING 04 2020
53 Javed, Yahya, Muhamad Felemban, Tawfeeq Shawly, Jason Kobes, and Arif Ghafoor Muhamad Felemban A Partition-Driven Integrated Security Architecture for Cyberphysical Systems COMPUTER SCIENCE (SYSTEMS AND CONTROL) 03 2020
54 M Mahyoub, A Mahmoud, M Abu-Amara, T Sheltami Ashraf Mahmoud Reliable and Low-Latency Routing Mechanism for IoT-based Networks IEEE 14th Malaysia International Conference on Communication (MICC), 81-85, 03 2020
55 ME Haque, U Baroudi Uthman Baroudi Dynamic energy efficient routing protocol in wireless sensor networks. Wireless Networks, 1-19 03 2020
56 AA Abdul Ghaffar, SM Mostafa, A Alsaleh, T Sheltami, EM Shakshuki Tarek R. Sheltami Internet of Things based multiple disease monitoring and health improvement system Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp.1021-1029 03 2020
57 U Baroudi, AA Elkhail, H Alfares Uthman Baroudi Optimum bi-level hierarchical clustering for wireless mobile tracking systems Wireless Networks 26 (2), 1227-1242 02 2020
58 AA AbuDaqa, A Mahmoud, M Abu-Amara, T Sheltami Ashraf Mahmoud Survey of Network Coding-Based P2P File Sharing in Large-Scale Networks

Applied Sciences 10 (7), 2206 02 2020
59Abdurrahman Beg,·Abdul Rahman Qureshi,·Tarek Sheltami,·Ansar Yasar, Tarek R. Sheltami  UAV-Enabled Intelligent Traffic Policing and Emergency Response Handling System for the Smart City accepted for publication in Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, DOI 10.1007/s00779-019-01297 02 2020
60Siddiqi, Umair F.; Sadiq M. Sait; Kaynak, Okyay Sadiq M. Sait Genetic Algorithm for the Mutual Information-Based Feature Selection in Univariate Time Series Data IEEE ACCESS 01 2020
61Y Ali, U Baroudi Uthman Baroudi Self-organizing cooperative clustering protocol for tracking and monitoring International Journal of Sensor Networks 33 (4), 189-201 01 2020
62H Tahir, MN Syed, U Baroudi Uthman Baroudi A heuristic approach for real-time multi-agent trajectory planning under uncertainty IEEE Access 8, 3812-3826 01 2020
63HK Alfares, AA Elkhail, U Baroudi Uthman Baroudi Iterative Clustering for Energy-Efficient Large-Scale Tracking Systems Wireless Personal Communications 110 (2), 713-733 01 2020




S. #Author(s) Saudi1 Title Patent # Month Year
1 Basem AL MADANI, Sadam Hussein Al-Azani Basem Almdadni CHEMICAL SENSOR DATA RECOGNITION
Publication number: 20200025737 01 2020